Meet Our Changemakers

Their interests are wide-ranging, their skill sets are far-reaching, and their passions are ever-evolving. From pre-kindergarten to grade 12, you’ll find brilliant problem-solvers, community-minded collaborators, ambitious voices, and courageous changemakers filling our classrooms, learning how to shake the world.

- Macon Finley, Head of The Ellis School

"When we talk about developing changemakers at Ellis, we’re talking about building all the qualities and skills our students will need to be able to be the kinds of adults you’d want to have on your team. We believe that changemakers are the kinds of people who step up to tackle hard problems, who volunteer for interesting new challenges, who don’t hang back to wait for other people to fix things for them, who want to make a difference in the world. We don’t think about changemaking as being limited to certain fields, professions, or job titles, but rather think of it as a way of approaching life."